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Nov 10 2010
Two DMC Hospitals Welcome Visit from Lions' Suh

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The currently famous Detroit Lions football rookie, Ndamukong Suh, stopped by the Detroit Medical Center (DMC) for a tour of the center.

Ndamukong Suh poses for pictures with
DMC RIM patients and staff
DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM) and DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan (CHM) hosted the 6 foot 4 inch linebacker as he toured the two facilities with periodic stops for some much appreciated patient interaction.

Matt, a patient in the Center for Spinal Cord Injury Recovery® (CSCIR) program, talked to Suh about how he dove into a shallow lake, broke his neck and is now enrolled in rehabilitation through RIM.

"When I got here, all I could do is shrug my shoulders," he said. "I’ve been working out here for four years…and now I have almost full movement in my right hand and can drive my [wheel]chair."

The look on Suh’s face told a story in itself – empathy poured from his eyes as Matt went on. To date, Matt has progressed and is very happy with his physical therapy regimen. His morale was brighter after a short conversation with Suh.

Suh’s visit brought a smile to the face of patients and visitors as he roamed the halls, but none bigger than his own when the topic of future visits was brought up.

"I’m definitely looking forward to a lot of fun [times] and helping and allowing people to be a little more cheerful as they get back to 100 percent."

This may be his first year in the National Football League, but it isn’t his first time encountering children in need of a spirit-lifting. His goal is to make as many visits as possible, bringing much joy to the faces of children and patients of all ages.

More pictures of Ndamukong Suh and his visit can be found here on DMC Flickr page.




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Nov 10 2010
Detroit Trauma Symposium - DRH

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Last week, DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital had hosted their Detroit Trauma Symposium at the MGM Grand Hotel here in Detroit, Michigan. The symposum in its 58th year is one of the longest running trauma symposiums in the country and the attendees (including ER specialists and medical school students) there were exicited to had participated. So click here to view pictures from the event and click below to watch video interviews from the attendees and our DMC ER experts.

Dr. Lawrence Diebel, president of Detroit Symposium

Dr. Michael White, lecturer at Detroit Symposium

Thoughts from Symposium Attendees

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Nov 3 2010
DMC & Vanguard Ceremonial Dig - CHM

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The beginning of new construction for Detroit Medical Center was celebrated today when Vanguard Health System and representatives from the federal, state, and city levels were on hand for the groundbreaking of the new Children's Hospital of Michigan Specialty Center.

The 105,550 square-foot facility will be home to a general pediatrics clinic, adolescent medicine, outpatient rehabilitation, specialty clinics and 200 physician office suites. The anticipated completion date is early 2012. Children's Hospital of Michigan President Dr. Herman Gray talks about the construction process and what the results mean for children.

A five-handled shovel made it way to the dirt-filled site. This shovel came with significance as it debuted with past Detroit Mayor Coleman Young on the groundbreaking of a different DMC project - the last major construction project on DMC's main campus in 30 years!

Children were asked to help with the ceremonial first dig as this specialty center is for them.

Pictures and video of the event can be found on DMC's Flickr page, speciafically the DMC Vanguard Children's Hospital of Michigan Specialty Center Groundbreaking Ceremony set. 

And please make sure to follow the DMC Social Media Team for construction coverage and updates of the new DMC Children's Hospital Speciality Center.

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Oct 27 2010
3D Ultrasound w/Mojo In The Morning

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This week, the DMC Social Media Team and DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital teamed with local radio station Channel 955's Mojo In The Morning to do a live, on air (and online) 3-D ultrasound. Producer Rachel, the heart and core of the Mojo In The Morning show, invited us to join  in on this extraordinary event. 

Dr. Karoline Puder was the attending physician for today's 3-D ultrasound. Dr. Purder graciously explained the process and logic behind the 3-D ultrasound, along with its benifits versus the standard 2-D ultrasound. The explaination and excitement are all in the video.

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Oct 25 2010
DMC Pleased to Contribute to 140 Character Conference

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Our day at the 140 Characters Conference (Twitter hashtag: #140conf) in Detroit was a day well spent. Julian Bond (Twitter Name: @Julian_Bond), head of the DMC Social Media Team was invited down to the one-day conference this past Wednesday to talk about our social media efforts.

The 140 Character Conference in Detroit was a conference focused on the use of the social media application Twitter and provided a platform for the worldwide Twitter community to "listen, connect, share and engage with each other" while collectively exploring the effects of the emerging real-time internet on business (140 Characters Conference Home page http://detroit.140conf.com).


With each speech or panel conversation only ranging from 10-20 minutes in length, you can imagine the rapid speed and intensity buzzing around the room. Ten minutes challenges the speaker to make their point and make it fast, leaving no room for idle chit-chat. In a way, this refined method of presentation keeps the fast-paced social networkers alert and on their toes.

Our intentions were surpassed after the first group of speakers. The amount of knowledge and information was enough to give your head an ache from an information overload. Luckily, there were couches and open spaces for individuals to take a mental breather or switch gears from absorbing to exchanging and conversing.

During the conference, we met with a plethora of fantastic Detroiters who presented at the event which included: Stephen Clark, WXYV-TV 7 (@sclarkwxyz), Dave Murray, Social Media Club Detroit (@DaveMurr), Shannon Paul, Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan (@ShannonPaul) and the BCBSM Panel, and Charlie Wolberg, Curve Detroit (@CharlieCurve).

Being one of the first hospital organizations to present at the #140conf, we were definitely honored to share our story. The Detroit Medical Center (@DMC_Heals) had the pleasure of talking about our success with social media and how we connected to our audience.

The presentation included highlights about our popular ICU-2 Hand Washing video and the Live Surgery Tweet.

The ICU-2 Hand Washing video challenged the nurses, doctors, and healthcare individuals of the Intensive Care Units with each DMC hospital to create a dance about hand-washing in order to stimulate continued hand hygiene throughout DMC. The result was a success! Internally, the video was a viral sensation! The video was promoted externally ONLY VIA SOCIAL MEDIA and discovered by the Detroit ABC-affiliate Channel 7 Action News. Days later, 7 Action News broadcasted a piece on their Health Edge segment for all of southeast Detroit to see.

The Live Surgery Tweet consisted of broadcasting a surgery LIVE as it happened. We went to DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital (@DMC_HuronValley) to meet with Dr. Philip Schmitt, a renowned hip doctor. That day, we attended a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing procedure and successfully tweeted the event from beginning to end.

Overall, the audience support for our talk at the 140 Characters Conference was both astonishing and amazing. "We wondered how many people would interact or even accept this idea, said Dan Fuoco
(@DanFuoco), Public Relations/Marketing/Social Media at DMC. "This day reassured us that these live tweets are something that the public is interested in and would like to learn more about."  









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